The Natural History exhibition

Fra den gamle salen på Hvalfangstmuseet

The Natural History exhibition is housed in the original museum’s building from 1917.

Lars Christensen had three main goals in opening the museum: to inform people about the Antarctic, as it was a relatively unknown continent at the time, and about the culture of whaling as an industry. Another goal was to give a glimpse of the animal life in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Hanging from the ceiling is an impressive model of a blue whale. The model is 21.4m in length, the minimum size allowed to be caught. The model was constructed by workers from Framnæes Shipyard and weighs 15 tons. The framework is made from wood, which is covered with netting and paper mache. The baleen in the mouth is original

Here we find exhibits of the animal and bird life from the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Most of which have not been restored. Children find this department fascinating and are in awe of the size of the blue whale. Many of our younger visitors like to draw pictures of the animals and at certain times of the year their pictures are exhibited here at the museum.

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