The museum produces written information about the history of whaling, whales and the environment, maritime history and local history. There is always a need for new information within a museum. Teaching, understanding and engagement are the structural elements of our vision. To be able to achieve this vision, knowledge is essential. We have to highlight new associations within the history of whaling and make new analyses. The production of information has and will be carried out within our framework and resources or through co-operation with other relevant organizations.

The whale catcher “Southern Actor” is open

02. jun - 31. aug 2017
The whale catcher "Southern Actor" is open

The whale catcher “Southern Actor” is now open for the summer season and is located at the quayside in Sandefjord. Continue reading

The Museum is open in July and August

31. mai - 30. jun 2017
The Museum is open in July and August

Open every day in July and August from 10-17.
Continue reading

Building and Renewal Work at the Museum

24. aug 2016 - 31. aug 2017
Building and Renewal Work at the Museum

Through the long-awaited building project, the exhibition area, as well as the facilities for the general public Continue reading

Easter opening hours

18. - 29. mar 2016 Kl. 1045
Easter opening hours

Easter opening hours Continue reading

The Beginnings

The Beginnings

The first modern whaling expedition was sent to South Georgia in 1904 by the Argentine company “Company Argentine de Pesca” and was led by a Norwegian captain C. A. Larsen. Continue reading

Whaling and History III

In June 2009, Commander Chr. Christensen’s Whaling Museum in Sandefjord was host to the Third Symposium on Whaling and History. The papers are now published in the book, “Whaling and History III”. The book costs NOK 198 and can be … Continue reading

Papers from “Whaling & History II”

The papers presented here are revised editions of lectures delivered at the second symposium on “Whaling and History” hosted by the museum in 2005. The papers were initially printed in the volum “Whaling & History II. New Perspectives” and are … Continue reading

Who catches whales today?

Who catches whales today?

All commercial whaling was completely banned by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) from 1986 Continue reading

Global products

Global products The main product from industrial whaling was whale oil, used in the past for lighting and machinery etc. After hydrogenation in the 1900’s whale oil was used in the production of margarine, soap and in the paint industry. … Continue reading

Island of South Georgia

The Island of South Georgia A whaling station was established here in 1904. South Georgia is an island located in the Southern Antarctic Ocean.Well over half of the island is permanently covered with ice and snow. It is 3755 km2, … Continue reading

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